Blueface Forces “Blue Girls Club” To Get Matching Tattoos

Blueface movies the “Blue Ladies Membership” getting matching tattoos.

The place do you even begin with this? 

Should you’ve been maintaining with Blueface in the course of the pandemic, you already know that he’s been hosting his Blue Girls Club, which is a re-enactment of Dangerous Ladies Membership. There are a couple of dozen girls residing in his home, for whom he forces into fights, which are filmed for OnlyFans. Whereas some have deemed the collection to be entertaining, others are calling out the “Thotiana” rapper for degrading his company. He has argued that the women are willingly collaborating although, additionally saying that he doesn’t have a relationship with any of them.

This weekend, issues acquired even worse when Blueface seemingly made the women get matching tattoos, getting Benjamin Franklin inked onto their pores and skin to remind them of their time within the Blue Ladies Membership

Whereas they seemed to be in ache, the women appear to have consented to the tattoos, with some smiling and proudly exhibiting off the ink within the video.

Clearly, it is a sensitive topic. It is positively not cool to be internet hosting a struggle membership for ladies in your home however, if Blueface is not mendacity about them willingly signing up and collaborating, then it might find yourself being good for his or her careers as influencers? 

What do you consider their new tattoos?

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