Madison tattoo artist raises funds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


MADISON (Wis.) — A Madison tattoo artist will donate funds to Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

Jesse Siewert from East Side Ink is offering $50 cancer ribbon tattoos. All of Siewert’s proceeds will be donated to patient care and research.

Siewert said he raised funds to honor his mom, who was also a victim of breast cancer.

“In the past, clients have gotten these tattoos to honor a loved one or celebrate being a cancer survivor,” Siewert said. “But no matter what the reason, providing these tattoos is always a moving experience, for the client and myself.”

Clients can choose one of Siewert’s designs and discuss sizing and placement options during a free consultation. Donations to East Side Ink can be made by anyone who isn’t interested in getting a tattoo to help breast cancer research.



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