10 Packs DIY A4 Temporary Tattoo Transfer Paper Printable Customized for Inkjet Printer



Price: $22.99
(as of Nov 14,2020 03:35:17 UTC – Details)


STEP 1 – PRINTING a) Open your file as a PDF in Adobe Acrobat or Preview (any software will work) b) Set your printer settings to A4 size and make sure to scale your document to 100%. c) Lay out your image or text designs onto your file. Make sure to MIRROR your designs so they don’t appear backwards onto your skin. Fit as many designs as possible onto your sheet to get the best value for your money. d) Place your tattoo paper in your printer. The SHINY SIDE of your tattoo paper is where your images will be printed. Some printers require the side you are printing on to be placed in the tray side down, while other printers require your paper face up. We suggest doing a test print on regular paper first. *Please note: Laser paper is only compatible with Laser Printers and Inkjet Paper with Inkjet Printers. STEP 2 – APPLYING THE ADHESIVE a) Pull one corner of the clear adhesive paper SLOWLY and line up the top corner down onto the top corner of the tattoo sheet you printed on. b) Apply the sheet with a smooth and firm object such as a squeegee, credit card or ruler. The application is similar to applying a screen protector to your cell phone. STEP 3 – CUTTING YOUR TATTOOS a) Cut as close as possible around the edge of your design leaving as little margin as possible for best results. We recommend 1/8 of an inch margin. STEP 4 – APPLYING YOUR TATTOOS a) Remove the clear sticky film. b) Pick a clean spot on your body and place the tattoo design FACE DOWN on the desired area. c) Use a towel, sponge or paper towel and get it wet. Gently cover and soak the entire design. d) Wait 30 seconds and then slowly start peeling away the corner of the paper from your skin. e) Lightly rinse your temporary tattoo and gently dry with a towel.


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