40 Tattoos: Mexican Flag, Mexico Party Favors


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Price: $5.99
(as of Dec 08,2020 10:08:48 UTC – Details)


Choose expedited shipping for faster delivery with tracking. One order = 5 sheets. Each sheet features 8 Mexican Flags (4 are 4.5 cm width, 4 are 3cm width) so you receive a total of 40 temporary tattoos. Premium quality, rich colors last for days (depends on your skin). These are applied with water and are waterproof. Don’t waste your money on small, poor quality tattoos that don’t stick to your skin or only last an hour! Great for Mexico parties! Note the images above may be “mirrored”. The flag will be backwards on the sheet; when you apply it to your body the image will flip and display properly. We have larger tattoos and also matching stickers! Search “PremiumTT Mexico”.

5 sheets x 8 = 40 temporary tattoos
High Quality: Colorful, Easy to Apply & Long Lasting
4 large tattoos – 4.5 cm width (1.75 inches), 4 small tattoos – 3 cm width
great for Mexico events like Cinco de Mayo


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