COKOHAPPY 6 Sheets Large Extra Full Arm Large Temporary Tattoo and Half Arm Sleeve Gun Rose for Men Women



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Product Description


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6 extended sheets all in one package

Size: 17.7″ x 6.69″

Big enough for adult size and also suitable for children if cut the tattoo by you need properly .

How long do they last?

As long as your arms are shaved,about 1-2 weeks or so. These things are amazing.
Anywhere where the tattoo touches itself (elbow pit, etc) will come off first.


These are full arm temp tattoos?

Yes, obviously it’s arm size relative. Longer or more muscular arms, for example will appear shorter or narrower accordingly.

Keep in mind, if you want “wrapped sleeves” you’ll need to apply 2+ around the arm.


How to use them?

Like any temp tattoo, take off the white backing paper, then put the paper that has the tattoos on it on your skin.Get a sponge and wet the tattoo paper down then peel off the paper. And the tattoo should be stuck to your skin after that.

Since these are large and on hard cardboard, it helpful to trim the design as tightly as possible, while also cutting small slits in the middle sides of design where the tattoo will bend on your arm.
Definitely easier with the help of someone, and a large sponge lightly dampened. Apply from center of tattoo and work outward.


How hard is it to remove them?

Depends on the condition of your skin at the time of application: The drier your skin is, the longer it will adhere.

If you moisturise regularly it should (and will) come off fairly easy after a day using soap and water.
You can use alcohol to expedite things, which it does, but since it is bad for the skin, not recommended!

It is perfect for both adults and kids,women,men,girls,boys,teens
It will last 2-7 days according to the position you stick it
Easily water transfer on and remove easily by rubbing baby oil
We offer 60 days 100% money back guarantee.See more items, just click the brand name “COKOHAPPY” beside the product title


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