Full Arm Temporary Tattoo Stickers,Half Arm Tattoo Floral For Woman(17 Sheets)



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How to use:
1.Skin must be completely clean and dry.
2.Cut out the design of your choice and remove the transparent paper cover.
3.Place tattoo face down on skin.
4.Rub back of tattoo firmly with damp cloth or sponge for 10-20 seconds.
5.Gently lift corner of tattoo to check if it is transferring.If it has transferred,gently peel off paper.If not,press down again and wet again.
6.After removing the paper.wait a few minutes before gently washing with water.Pat dry the tattoo.
7.If treated carefully your tattoo will last for several days.
8.To remove use cold cream or baby oil.Rubbing alcohol will remove the tattoo instantly.
1.Do not recommened for children under 3 years.
2.Do not apply to sensitive skin,near eyes or if allergic to adhesive.

Safety standard and Non-toxic and tasteless materials
Temporary tattoo sticker stay for 3-7 days
Rapid remove:Saturate taattoo with household alcohol,wait 15-20 seconds,then rub away with cotton ball
Full Arm Size:48x17CM/19″x7″,Half Arm Size:21×14.8CM/8.3″x5.8″


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