Leoars Military Sleeves Temporary Tattoos, Full Arm Black Military Tattoo Stickers, Fake War Style Body Art Arm Tattoo for Men Makeup, 8-Sheet



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Description of Leoars Temporary Tattoos
Our temporary tattoos are printed using high quality water transfer paperwhich are non toxic, contain no PPD and are 100% cosmetically skin safe.
Temporary tattoos are great for parties, festivals, club nights/raves, carnivals, fancy dress or just to shock your friends without committing to a real tattoo.
May not be suitable for senstive skin types. Avoid contact with eyes.

How to Apply a Temporary Tattoo
Cut around your tattoo design leaving 2mm.
Ensure the skin is clean and oil free (no hair is good too).
Peel the clear plastic backing off your tattoo.
Apply the tattoo to your desired area with the design facing your skin.
Using a damp cloth or sponge saturate the backing paper completely.
Apply moderate pressure to the tattoo for 30 seconds.
Peel back the backing paper and slide off and the tattoo will have transferred.
Rinse with water and allow to dry.
***Remove using baby oil, alcohol or soap and some elbow grease.

Top Tips of Temporary Tattoos
Cover your new temporary tattoo with talc – This reduces the shine, makes it look more realistic and stops lint from clothing and bedding sticking.
Temporary tattoo sleeves can be cut in half to apply the top and bottom which makes for a better result in some designs. Try to avoid fold in arms and hairy skin.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, please let us know. We offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

LONG LASTING TUMBLER TATTOO. Leoars tumbler temporary tattoos will last 2 to 50 days, depending on where it is placed and how well you take care of it. Take care of your tattoo: avoid any soap, sunscreen, lotions or oils near or on your tattoo.
AFFORDABLE BODY TATTOOS WITH NO PAIN – if you’ve wanted a tattoo but worried about the pain and cost, now’s your chance! Apply these body stickers for (wrist, hand, leg,back,arm) in seconds and no-one will believe they’re not the real deal. But most of all⋯ EYE-CATCHING and FUN!
DURABLE, WATERPROOF AND REMOVABLE TEMPORARY TATTOOS – long last for 2-5 days, depends on how many showers you take and how many times you scrub the tattoo with soap and water,Easy to apply in 10-20 seconds with just water and easily removed by rubbing alcohol, body oil, olive oil.
GREAT BODY ART FOR MEN, WOMEN, GUYS, BOYS, GIRLS, TEENS OF ALL AGES. Perfect for all occasions. Spice up your appearance on the beach, at festivals, parties, concerts, weddings or any event. They make great biker temporary tattoos. Fun for kids as favors and make great birthday gifts for friends or family. This unique Collection of temporary tattoos has been carefully selected to give you a choice of amazing options exactly as shown in photos.


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