Microblading Supplies 10 Piece Double Sided Manual Tattoo Pen Kit for Permanent Makeup Supplies | Durable Aluminum Pen With Lock-Pin Tech & Ergonomic Grip | Shape Eye Brows, Black




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Perfect Your Work & Keep Your Customers Happy & Pleased!
With Stylia Microblading Tattoo Pens Of Course!
It doesn’t matter if your customers like them arched and feathered, rounded and cute, thick or thin, straight and bold, eyebrows are arguably the most important feature on a face.
Why not achieve the perfect eyebrow conditions and make them look absolutely stunning?
Just get yourself the ultimate permanent makeup gadget; a Stylia Beauty professional tattoo pen and skyrocket your eyebrow tattoo techniques!
Do you want to reconstruct? Define? Cover gaps? Fill in over plucked brows? Or simply give a cool eyebrow shape?
Then, this microblading tattoo pen is the way to go!
Less Pain, Less Effort, Less Mess! Greater Results To Cherish For Much Longer!
Use this pen not only for microblading and the recreation of hairstrokes, but for shadow and powder effect as well. Your customers are going to love it.
There is no need to spend a small fortune on multiple manual tools. With this double sided pen in your hands, you can switch from powder to shadow in a heartbeat!
Lock Pin Technology To The Rescue –Eliminates Slippage, Errors & Accidents!
Meticulously designed with your best interest at heart, all of our microblading tattoo pens have a smart lock pin technology which locks the blade firmly. No more slipping accidents for you.
Ensure the best and most importantly smudge proof eyebrow experiences for all your customers and yourself. What are you waiting for? Get yours today, before we run out of stock again! Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now!
GET THOSE DREAMY EYEBROWS YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED: Struggling with uneven gaps in your eyebrows? Want to perfect their appearance effortlessly? If so, then this microblading tattoo pen is the way to go. Improve the looks of your eyebrows, make them fuller and more attractive and gain that lost confidence back
MAKE LESS MISTAKES ON YOUR CLIENTS: Forget about messy tattoo pens, blades not fitting well and needles slipping. Find your peace of mind again with this comfortable and easy to hold tattoo pen. It is lightweight, solid and sturdy, with an ergonomic grip! Perform eyebrow tattooing and permanent makeup to the fullest! Suitable for both personal and professional use.
SAVE YOUR TIME, ENERGY & MONEY: Save your precious time and hard earned money from constant visits to the salon, with this microblading tattoo pen. No more expensive eyebrow treatments. No more poorly designed and runny tattoo pens! Now you can change the shape of your eyebrows anyhow you want in the comfort of your living room!
TATTOO PEN DESIGNED TO LAST: Crafted from high quality aluminum alloy, you may rest assured that this manual microblading tattoo pen is built to take some heavy use. Its universal blade head holds any kinds of blades possible. From round shading blades, U blades, to regular 7-17 blades and many others! Use multiple tools with 1 only pen.


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