Professional Rotary Tattoo Kit Hildbrandt Trainer 2 Machine Gun TKHTRAR + Needle + Power Supply + Inks




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rand new for 2015 is our Hildbrandt Trainer Rotary Tattoo Kit, a training system that combines the Tattoo Supply & Equipment Crash Course 101, visual tutorial of the Hildbrandt Training DVD and the hardware necessary to learn the trade. This kit was put together for the purpose of continued use after your apprenticeship. The Hildbrandt rotary machines are of a armature bar driven design, plug and play tuning. The Hildbrandt Spartan Power Supply is reliable, rugged and features a 10 turn dial. All consumables that come with this kit are sterilized with indicator strip and blister packed. They comply with many state regulations in regards to sterilization/indicator strip requirements. There are a vast amount of talented artists out there that use Hildbrandts. Feel free to google us and find our artists gallery that features pictures of professional work done by users of our equipment. Our machines are versatile and easy to modify and grow with you as you progress.

Hildbrandt Spartan power supply with 1 clip cord, foot pedal, Hildbrandt Training DVD, Tattoo Crash Course 101 and 7% Hildbrandt VIP Membership Card
Tattoo Supplies – latex gloves, o rings pack, step bushings, rubber bands, tuning key set, practice skin and transfer paper
50 Hildbrandt professional needles in sets of 10 different needle groupings, 2 aluminum grips and a set of sterilized disposable tubes and tubes with 1″ grip that correspond to needles
Radiant Colors made in USA professional black ink, ink cups pack and ink cup holder


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