Scar Concealer, Tattoo Concealer,Waterproof Concealer, Tattoo Cover up Makeup/Body Concealer (Black)



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Product Description


Are you still worrying about the tattoo on your body?

This product can cover your tattoo, scars, birthmarks and tattoos, bringing your confidence back.


Product Features:

-Professional and safe quality ingredients, non-alcoholic, non-toxic chemicals.

– Hide your spots, bruises after surgery, birthmarks and tattoos to restore your confidence.

– Quick coverage, similarity over 90%, long lasting, waterproof and sweat resistant.

– A delicate, lightweight texture that allows the skin to breathe freely.


Package List:

1 x White Concealer Cream

1 x Brown Concealer Cream

1x palette

1x color mixing brush

1x Makeup remover









Step 1

First, take a proper amount of light color paste in a mixing bottle, add a small amount of dark paste, and mix well.

Step 2

Take a little cream and try it on the skin, add a dark or light paste as needed.

Step 3

Use the fingertips or concealer brush to paint, cover the center of the concealer, and smudge it outwards.

Step 4

When the paste is about to dry, use the foundation products such as air cushion BB to cover the details, and finally use loose powder and dense powder to make up the makeup.

【Professional and Natural】 This tattoo concealer is available in two different colors and must be mixed. If your tattoo is darker, the dark tattoo concealer has a larger mixing ratio. If your tattoo is lighter, the proportion of dark tattoo concealer is lower.
【Waterproof Concealer】 This tattoo/scarring makeup cream is waterproof. Natural serum is an effective formula that does not cause damage to the skin. It won’t fade, hiding your stains, scars, blemishes and tattoos to make you confidence.
【Safe to Use】 Alcohol free, no toxic chemicals. Does not harm the skin, does not irritate the skin. Because it is very thin, let the skin breathe freely.
【Good Service】We know how difficult it is to find products that are right for your skin, and have done a lot of research and testing to develop the formula that works for all skin types. Please contact with us if any problem with the Tattoo Concealer,We will give refund or replacement. Welcome to buy the Waterproof Concealer Set.


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