St. Patrick’s Day Green Shamrock Patterned Tattoos Irish Shamrock Tattoos for Party Parade Family School



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St. Patrick’s Day Green Shamrock Patterned Tattoos Irish Shamrock Tattoos Large Quantity Suitable for Parties, Parades, Families, Schools

Bullet Points:
✅Material: high quality paper, safe and environmentally friendly
✅Contains 10 pieces of different stickers, each containing 6-10 stickers
✅A wide variety of patterns to choose from, you can shine on St. Patrick’s Day
✅Safe and simple paste method and it can be quickly attached to the body
✅Waterproof, but persistence is different in different parts of the body

❤️【Great St. Patrick’s Day Party Supplies】People are interested in these non-toxic cute tattoo stickers, get great fun at the party and holiday, make you shine especially on the party

Paste method:
1. Cut the selected pattern
2. Remove the transparent film on the surface
3. Place the patterned side on the skin
4. Tap the sticker with a wet wipe or sponge until it is completely wet
5. After being properly attached, wait for 35-50 seconds, then air dry and tear off.

1. Do not touch water within 2 hours after pasting
2. Take a bath on the day of the pasting, try not to scrub the pasted position
3. Bath time should not be too long, too high temperature will affect the firmness of the sticker

Quick cleaning method:
Wipe with alcohol cotton or BB oil to remove the pattern quickly.
Specific methods, such as alcohol: firstly take a piece of cotton stained with alcohol, soak it, wipe the pattern for 15-20 seconds to remove the tattoo pattern.

10 pieces of St. Patrick’s Day Tattoo Stickers

❤️【Waterproof & Sweatproof & Breathable & High Realistic 】Made of eco-friendly materials, Non-toxic, harmless and safe for your face. They are waterproof and can last up to 3 days.This tattoo sticker is non-toxic and won’t hurt your skin. It’s high quality with fashion designs that are fake, but look real on the skin.Normal water rinsing is not lost, but when the bath can not be rubbed, to rub easy to drop.
❤️【Show Your Personality】You can place these temporary tattoo kit on your face and body, arms or hands. A little scary, a little mysterious. Great for many occasions, such as dress-up, costume party, St. Patrick’s Day,etc.
❤️【How to Use】Cut out the tattoo of choice and remove the clear sheet. Clean and dry your skin thoroughly prior to use. Wet the back of the tattoo thoroughly with a sponge or damp cloth After 20 – 30 seconds,gently remove the backing paper. This will leave the tattoo on your skin
❤️【Easy to Remove】Easy on easy off, they can be removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. Tattoo stickers, just like decorations, easy to apply and easy to remove,can be replaced at any time, very convenient.


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