Sunnyscopa Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper for LASER Printer – US LETTER SIZE 8.5″X11″, 100 SHEETS – DIY Personalized Image Transfer Sheet for skin – Custom Waterslide Decal Stencil Henna



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Product Description

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Package contents: Printable tattoo paper and shiny adhesive sheets (100 sheets each)

Paper specifications

Film thickness: 5 µm (1/5000″)

Paper thickness: 190 µm (0.007″)

Paper weight: 175 gsm (Basis weight: 118lb)

Elasticity of the film – Very low

Still paying too much at tattoo parlours? Why don’t you try temporary tattoo for a change? Just print your favourite design and turn it into a temporary tattoo. Go to parties with temporary tattoos and impress your friends.

Q. How long does it normally last?

A. Usually for about a week.

Q. Can you print with an inkjet printer?

A. No, sorry. This product is for laser printer only.

Q. Is the tattoo safe for human skin?

A. Sure. Our adhesive paper has been approved by FDA, meeting safety standards.

Q. Can I take a shower with it?

A. Absolutely, The tattoo is designed to be waterproof.

Q. Do I need to mirror print my image?

A. Yes, you can use AI or photoshop to mirror print

Q. How do you remove the tattoo?

A. Put cleansing oil on for about a minute, then gently rub to remove. Rubbing alcohol would work just as well.

Q. How do you apply the tattoo?

A. Simple. Print the image and place the adhesive sheet on top. Dip in water so the moisture releases the image, which is then applied to your skin.

Q. Is there an easy way to apply adhesive sheet on the printing paper?

A. Yes, first place the adhesive sheet face up on the printing paper. Remove just a fraction of the white backing on the corner and attach. Starting from
the attached corner, slowly push with a ruler to apply the whole image. For stronger adhesion, you can also laminate the two sheets together.

Tattoo paper composition fake temporary tattoo adhesive sheetTattoo paper composition fake temporary tattoo adhesive sheet

Why 2 paper system?

Our tattoo package consists of two types of paper – printing paper and adhesive sheet

When you print your image, please make sure you print on the printing paper, not the adhesive sheet. The adhesive sheet is much glossier and thicker. It is there to transfer the glue layer to the printed image to turn it into a sticker.

Our adhesive sheet is in accordance with FDA regulations in terms of use on human skin.


difference between inkjet and laserdifference between inkjet and laser

Difference between inkjet and laser tattoo paper

If you want a clearer image, inkjet would be the best option for you. Otherwise if you want more realistic, matte looking tattoo, laser is the choice.

Also, the thickness of the film is different with the laser tattoo being much thinner than the inkjet tattoo.

Because the film is thinner, you can see from the photo that the edge is also less noticeable. The laser tattoo also tends to last a little longer than the inkjet tattoo.

If you have never used a temporary tattoo before, use laser tattoo. Only use inkjet tattoo if you do not have laser printer at home. Like the decal papers, make sure you use correct printer to print the image.

Personalize Everything!

How to apply temporary tattoo

How to apply temporary tattoo

how to make realistic tattoo

how to make realistic tattoo

how long does the tattoo last

how long does the tattoo last

Press with wet cloth

Use wet cloth to make the tattoo soaking wet. No need to place the tattoo in a bowl of water. Wetting the tattoo is much simpler and the backing comes off more easily.

Unlike the other decal papers, tattoos have to be applied face down. In other words the image should be facing towards your skin. That means you would have to print mirror image for the image to come out right after the transfer.

How to make realistic looking tattoo

Most people are worried that temporary tattoos will not turn out right. They sometimes shine too much and makes it look too “fake” compared to the real tattoo.

You can fix this problem by applying a sunscreen on the tattoo to make it look more “matte”. This will in turn create more realistic tattoo look.

How long does the tattoo last?

The tattoo usually lasts for around a week. The tattoo tends to become more durable with time so make sure you don’t damage right after the application.

temporary tattoo removaltemporary tattoo removal

How to remove the tattoo paper

To remove the tattoo, you can simply rub baby oil and scrub and it will come off. Otherwise you can also use a sticky tape for a quick removal. However do not use sticky tape for children and babies as their skin is more vulnerable.

You will find that after 1 week of application, tattoo will come off and fall apart very easily. The best way is to remove it after the shower when the tattoo is still wet.

PERSONALIZED tattoo with your own design. Temporary tattoo looks real and professionally done.
EASY AND FAST – Process only takes a few minutes to complete. Use office laser printer to print, spray coat, wet and mount.
TEMPORARY tattoo that lasts longer if left untouched! To remove, dab a cotton ball with baby oil and gently rub.
SAFE to use on skin. Adhesive sheets are in compliance with relevant safety regulations.
Close to 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in manufacturing quality decal paper since 1990.


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