Temporary Tattoo Paper A4 Size (8.3×11.7 inch) 5 Sheets DIY Tattoo Paper Transfer Decal Paper for Inkjet Printer



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1. Print design on printing paper (mirror print ), then dry it with drier for 1 minute or let it dry naturally.
2. Put transparent adhesive film on printing paper, tight fitted. And we should use a ruler or name card to scrape air out.
( separate the transparent adhesive film carefully, you will see sticky)
3. Cut design.
4. Rive transparent adhesive film and put design on body, face, arm, nail, hand, mobile phone etc.
5. Put a little water on design, wait for about 10-20 seconds, we can separate beautiful tattoo from printing paper.
6. After riving printing paper, if there is water, use absorbent paper to blot water up and wait for about two minutes
in order to let tattoo dry totally.


1. After printing, we need to wait design dry. It is about 5-10 minutes naturally. It is about 1 minute with using dryer.
2. Oily skin should be cleaned by water before making tattoo.
3. We can delete the design away by using tape.
4. When having bathing, don’t scrap it energetically. The picture can be kept for about 3-7 days.
5. Keep away tattoo paper from heat and wet.
6. Keep out of reach of Children.

Paper Dimensions: A4 Size (210x297mm).
These transfer papers allow you to print your own designs onto your skin. You can just printing any image you want with a normal desktop printer, and you don’t need any special machine certainly. This product is made of nature materials, and it proved harmless to human body. It is easily to create your own tattoo by simple cutting without any side effect.
Compatible with all inkjet printers .Please print image on gloss side.
It includes 5 pieces white printing paper AND 5 pieces transparent adhesive film.To remove tattoos more easily, you can use alcohol or a drop of body oil .


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