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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, an actor and a mostly-retired professional wrestler, has a rich history which he represents by his affinity for tattoos. His popular tattoos are on his chest and arm. “The story of my (chest and arm) tattoos is a very elaborate story”, Johnson once said during an interview, “It represents all the things that are important to me, that I love and that I’m passionate about“.

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What Does Dwayne’s Polynesian Tattoo Mean?
In early 2003, Dwayne traveled to Hawaii to have his family history tattooed on him—a Samoan tradition. Here he reveals the meanings of his tattoo.

A) These are coconut leaves, or niu, which denote a Samoan chief-warrior.
B) This is the sun which brings good fortune.
C) This isa/ga fa’atasi (three people in one). That’s me with my arms open. As it continues on my chest, it connects to my o lo’u to’a/ua(my wife, Dany) and my o lo’u afafine (my daughter, Simone Alexandra).
D) These descending swirls represent past, present and future, with the future becoming ever bigger. The pattern continues under my arm, where its meaning is written: “It changes in the place where it is found to be gone.”
E) These two eyes, called o mata e lua, represent my ancestors watching over my path.
F) This is the Great Eye, It’s an intimidating symbol that allows its user to possess the spirit of his enemy. The eye is used to distract the enemy in a confrontation.
G) This broken face, marked by shark teeth—a symbol of strength—is my spirit protector and a symbol of my struggle.
H) This is the priest and spiritual guide, who raises a warrior to enlightenment and supernatural power under the eyes of the warrior’s ancestors.
I ) These are stones of achievement and abundance. They’re the foundation of my life and symbols of my dedication. They bring the right to stand and speak with honor as a Tula Fale—a high talking chief—and they maintain mana, or supernatural power.
J) This is a tortoise shell, to deflect evil spirits. Warriors used shells as shields.

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 Skin should be clean and free of oils  Remove clear protective top sheet Press tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with design facing down  Press damp cloth / sponge against tattoo and hold for 30 seconds You may uncover the sticker to see whether the pattern is fully stick on your body, if not repeat the step 4  Allow the tattoo to dry


Large Dwayne Johnson Totem Tattoos;

Lasts for 2 to 5 days. Waterproof jewelry inspired tattoos.

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SAFE: DaLin Temporary Tattoos Meet Rigid Safety And NON-TOXIC Materials Standard, Passed FDA.
WATERPROOF: You can go with it to the beach / the pool.
LONG LASTING: It will last for 2-7 days, depends on how many showers you take and how many times you scrub the tattoo with soap and water.
EASY TO USE :Cut our the design of your choice and remove the transparent.Stick tattoo on the skin firmly and wet the tattoo.Remove the paper after 30-60 seconds. To Remove: Saturate tattoo with soap or cleasing oil.


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